An argument against the rape culture in the united states of america

This promotes the idea that the women who are raped were not raped for no reason, but that they deserved it. They point to the fact that she chose to remain in an abusive situation. For a victim, it is a humiliating and degrading act. It is about the fact that their is sympathy for the perpetrators of a heinous crime that have been convicted with definitive proof can e felt bad for because their just boys that didn't know what they wee doing.

Sexual assault is a violent attack on an individual, not a spontaneous crime of sexual passion. The post gave no descriptions or made any allegations. The article shows how we can update and grow when we step back to reevaluate what we know and think is true.

Consensual sex also exists. This justifies and normalizes rape. Why going to the movies or school becomes a poor decision when a guy decides to bring a gun is beyond me.

Sexual assault occurs in rural areas, small towns and larger cities. But let me tell you something, not a single person will post on this asking what I was wearing, if I were to go to the media the school would be blasted as sexist and horrible and the teacher who threw out my report would probably be fired and the entire goddamn public would support me!

Another thing people who believe in rape culture like to throw out is the fact that a rapist can sue for custody. Victims of rape that are discovered might lose their families, their husbands and their homes.

Basically where everyone is equal and nobody is mean.

Tell Me There's No Rape Culture

Rape was defined as a crime of violence rather than a crime of sex as it had been before and the focus of rape shifted from desire for sexual pleasure to one of male domination, intimidation and a sense of control over gender norms.

Our understanding of the world is like a ship in the night and we pass others steering blindly. Researchers claim that communication and language is created by the dominant patriarchy. The result is that men who have committed sexual assault crimes may receive little to no punishment, which serves to strengthen the rape culture in the American judicial system and American society as a whole.

Rape culture

The BBC's Ed Butler, who covered the story about Malawi's sexual "cleansing practices", says in some remote southern regions of the country it is traditional for girls to be made to have sex with a man after their first menstruation.

The penalty for such a crime in many jurisdictions was death or castration. They tell her she should have been more careful. Women whose rapes are found out fear being ostracized or abandoned and disowned by their families.

Part of American culture teaches boys that in order to be men, they must conform to this "box of masculinity," which perpetuates mantras such as: Some rapists do try to get custody, very rarely, although it happens. However the fact that his example shows how the public has become so desensitized to the word rape that they forget its true meaning and thus allow slang to be used in journalism.

This creates a category of women separated from the general population which encourages an "otherness" and reduces the idea that anyone is vulnerable to being raped. Sorry for the short end, ran out of characters. Example of Victim-Blaming Attitude: Yes, the rapist CAN sue for custody of the child, but he will not get custody of the child.


Current statistics indicate that one in six men are sexually assaulted in their lifetime. This is due to Pakistan's patriarchal society and gender roles that expect men to be violent and dominant and women to be fragile and weak. It makes it harder to have a case that goes anywhere.

If you commit a murder, you go to prison. Rape culture has been described as detrimental to both women and men. Some people do bad things, and there need to be punishments in place for those who commit crimes.

The OJ trial was huge, and I doubt most people watching that had really fully researched all of the facts. Harassment, intimidation, forced or coerced isolation from friends and family and having an independent social life, humiliation, threats of harm to you or your family or pets, threats of suicide if you leave, violating your privacy, limiting your independence and personal choices are all examples of abuse.

What is Rape Culture?

Roughly one third of murders go unsolved. Previously, according to Canadian psychology professor Alexandra Rutherfordmost Americans assumed that rape, incest, and wife-beating rarely happened.

Almost all sexual assaults occur between members of the same race. Women are highly discouraged from talking or reporting about their rape because of these reasons.Rape is a very controversial topic in America. Some claim that the United States has a rape culture in which, through various methods, rapists are validated, such as by rape jokes and societal norms that do not take rape seriously.

Medical personnel in the United States of America typically collect evidence for potential rape cases commonly referred to as rape kits. Though normally collected, the rape kits are not always sent off for testing. Feminist writings on rape include Against Our Will: Men, Women, Rape in the United States.

Online books. Twenty-first century America does not have a rape culture; what we have is an out-of-control lobby leading the public and our educational and political leaders down the wrong path. The term "rape culture" was first coined in the s in the United States by second-wave feminists, and was applied to contemporary American culture as a whole.

During the s, second-wave feminists had begun to engage in consciousness-raising efforts designed to. While research about rape culture has been mostly conducted in Westernized countries, particularly the United States, [citation needed] there are a number of other countries that are considered to be, by the rest of the world, "rape supportive" societies.

These places have similarities to Western countries in terms of beliefs and gender. But by bringing actual rape incidents into the scenario, Mr. Jensen creates a rape culture scenario out of date by making the woman already a victim of rape.

Rape Culture, Victim Blaming, and The Facts

This pretty much sums up the rape culture activists: nonsensical arguments and skewed statistics.

An argument against the rape culture in the united states of america
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