Behind the blue wall of silence essay

Holt provides several examples on incidents which outline this view. Leaking always had a symbiotic relationship with secrecy and is the classic way of outing possible abuse of power.

When the accusation is leaked to the eyes of the public it becomes difficult for them to have trust to the department which has sworn a oath so as to make sure that it serves its citizens in the best way possible. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics only Sixty-seven percent of municipal police agencies use Psychological Evaluations as a screening tool for new recruits Dempsy and Forst Additionally, this reading discusses standards, by which professionals ought to adhere too.

The idea that organizations can keep their inner workings secret in order to maintain their superiority is dying a slow, but inevitable death given modern technology. The wall of silence makes sure that individual is strong and also loyal within the police department.

If an officer is hired into a department with a strong code of ethics it is likely that the officer will make ethical decisions. It is a nonwritten rule, a pressure by your peers to not discuss transgressions committed by fellow officers or administration. This means, wrong doing, illegality, unethical behavior will in all likelihood be hidden from public gaze.

New York, Macmillan College Publishing, As such, while personal integrity guides actions in most law enforcement organizations in which unit pride strengthens bonds essential to survival, excessive loyalty can have an adverse effect if burned-out senior officers are seen acting unethically.

The “Blue Wall of Silence” And Police Culture

Some people cannot make a point of trusting the police during the making of decisions that are tough as they think that the police may be biased in their process of making decisions such as when making a decision regarding a dispute involving domestic or even a certain crime in which there may be many stories that are involved hence they need different points of view so as to ensure that they have uncovered the truth that is involved.

There is a large division regarding sexism in the departments and cannot be avoidable.

Behind the Blue Wall of Silence

The characteristics of the Blue Wall have become embedded and a part of the police sub-culture. Therefore, is not easy for police officers to go against the choices that they make because these are officers who are highly ranked and it would be discouraged to go against the decision that they have made.

Such laws do not do away with administrative or government secrecy but they do provide access to documents or information in some cases that would otherwise have remained out of reach.

In the Forces there are equal opportunities hence women are let to conduct themselves in the way that they are officers that are capable regarding the law and are able to maintain the same standard that is maintained by men in those uniforms. If so, to what extent?

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We learn more about how strong administrations affect police corruption when Bianco is explaining the way an organizations code of ethics affects young officers. As such there are union representative that come up to defend the police and the case begins with the police already being a hero because of the thinking that they are being accused wrongly but may even be found that they are guilty because of clear evidence that is distinguishing and the police is already a hero but there may be a trial concerning misconduct and a punishment could be imposed.

Those that work as detectives are some of people who are calm because they have dealt with many cases and as such they have come across to most of crimes that happen day in day out and they may decide to use instinct of the gut.

The Blue Wall of Silence Essay Sample

There is no doubt a great deal of personal fulfillment that comes from the duties and responsibilities assigned to police officers, because they get to help out in the community.

Another avenue to combat this form of corruption is better hiring standards through more effective screening practices. Behind the blue wall of silence essay 5 stars based on 47 reviews. Equally important, but certainly not as frequent, physical attacks have resulted in the disfigurement or death of officers cooperating in investigations of misconduct.

The second characteristic of the Rule of Silence, and which ties in with loyalty, is staying silent and even lying for another police officer.Nov 08,  · The blue wall of silence is a product of the police organization and its culture.

As you noted, it is tied to concepts of inclusion, membership in a unique organization or brotherhood, and loyalty. Consider policing as a unique role that must be played or performed. Breaking Down the Wall Even though the Blue Wall of Silence is an ethical issue for nearly every police precinct around the world, there are steps that can be taken to help reduce misconduct and corruption by police officers.

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The little prince setting analysis essay research paper on cell biology oxford university dissertations a research paper is a. Going against the " Blue Wall of Silence " was an option, but one they had strong, negative feelings about (Nolan, ).

Blue Wall of Silence Essay

As a result of the perceived lack of support from the department and city. The Blue Wall of Silence Being a police officer is an honorable career.

For the majority of the public, a police officer is one of the more respected members of the community because everyone looks up to them to protect their community.

Behind the blue wall of silence essay
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