Doing and writing action research jean mcniff

The emphasis is often on teaching or training, not so much on learning. Some people say it is not possible to change established ways. The story is about how two groups of teachers — one in Ireland and one in South Africa, studying for their higher degrees — and I as their supervisor, managed to find ways of reconceptualising what we thought were our stable identities, how we came to appreciate that those identities were culturally and historically constituted, and how we made our collaborative enquiries public.

How do I manage my work schedule more efficiently?

Critical Debates in Action Research

Your critical friend might or might not be a member of the group. Our theories are manifested in and through our actions, as we care for one another.

Are there any necessary conditions? In action research ways, managers arrange for the conditions of learning to be right. The British university and I agreed that I would be appointed as a part-time lecturer to bring the studies of the first group to successful closure.

Support is offered by a subject adviser. If you believe that all people have equal rights, you will try to ensure that your workplace is a place in which everyone does have equal rights, and you will organise your own work so that everyone has the opportunity to exercise their rights.

This view is quite different from a traditional view of theory as an abstract body of knowledge which may be applied to practice. Perhaps in addressing one issue, you have unearthed other issues that you had not expected.

They decide to try things out for themselves. The reasons for our actions are often rooted in our values base, that is, the things we believe in and that drive our lives. Your way of working might influence others; how can show this? She explains how she is aiming to live out more fully her values of social justice, inclusion and the establishment of pluralistic rights as she creates a supportive learning environment in which adults who have been marginalized can gain the confidence to take control of their own development and enrichment through lifelong learning.

First, we have to believe that it is possible to change things, otherwise we might as well give up right now on every effort and programme to improve the quality of life — medical research, world adventure and exploration … If we live in hope, at least we have some idea of what we can achieve.

I would like today to focus on two issues. You change your way of working in light of their perceptions. When the data match the criteria, those pieces of data become evidence.Multi award winning documentaries from Ireland.

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Doing And Writing Action Research

Doing and Writing Action Research by Jean McNiff, Dr. A Jack Whitehead starting at $ Doing and Writing Action Research has 2 available editions to buy at Alibris.

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Evaluating Quality in Doing and Writing Action Research in Schools, Neighbourhoods and Communitites VALUE AND VIRTUE IN PRACTICE-BASED RESEARCH () EDITED BY JEAN MCNIFF, DORSET, SEPTEMBER BOOKS.

THIS BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD. JEAN MCNIFF'S () ACTION RESEARCH FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: CONCISE ADVICE. Apr 22,  · Doing and Writing Action Research provides a clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly guide to the practical aspects of carrying out action research.

Written with practitioners involved in workplace-based professional development programs, as /5. Doing and Writing Action Research is an essential text for anyone working with action research, providing vital guidance on how this type of work is assessed and enabling the reader to get the best results from their project $ Jean McNiff is Professor of Educational Research at York St John University, UK.

She is also a Visiting Professor at UiT the Arctic University of Norway, and at the Beijing Normal University and Ningxia Teachers’ University, People’s Republic of China.

Doing and writing action research jean mcniff
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