Reaction paper landslide in philippines

The government must do their duty to the country.

Philippines Landslide

Posted by Dave Petley The first major landslide of has occurred just five days into the New Year. Given the steepness of the terrain and the lack of obvious agricultural activity, mining must be a strong possibility.

I am sure that if we do things that will please Him, we will be on the right path. Is this the thing they call help? There are also punishments for violations of these laws, but do we see anyone punished? The government must do their duty to the country.

News about this disaster remains sketchy, primarily because the site is very remote. Hiring minors will yield greater profit for these companies since hiring them means cheap labor.

Kabiling and Leslie Ann G.

Reaction paper

Of course it is up to the Philippines people to decide as to whether they wish to have mining in any part of the country. Overview[ edit ] At around Worst storm of the year The landslide happened just days after Typhoon Mangkhut wreaked havoc in the Philippines, leaving at least 95 people dead nationwide.

Gordon who was then in Geneva attending a board meeting of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement appealed for international assistance. Rescue and relief[ edit ] Rescue teams including military personnel proceeded to the affected areas.

I know we all want the best for our country but we must do it the right way. This is due to a combination of steep terrain, very heavy rainfall, poor communities and unregulated gold mining.

Navy and coast guard ships were dispatched to the coastal area. He had to stop the interview when another body was pulled out from the mud near him.

The landslide is classified as a rock slide-debris avalanche using the Varnes [13] or Cruden and Varnes [14] classification. One thing I am sure of is that the DENR does not allow mining in these places because it is too dangerous. The powerful typhoon blew away late on Saturday and a new tropical storm off southern Japan was continuing to intensify the downpours in Luzon, government forecaster Samuel Duran said.

Aid began pouring in following the massive landslide which buried the village. A rain-soaked mountainside disintegrated into a torrent of mud, burying hundreds of houses and an elementary school.

The funds were used to purchase tents, blankets, cooking utensils, mosquito nets, temporary shelter materials, hygiene articles, water purification tablets and medicines. Early this morning a landslide occurred at the gold mining community of Napnapan village, which is in the area of Pantukan township in the Campostela Valley on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

As time moves on, the rock begins to age and die and finally it collapses. Marines are involved in search and relief operations. They permitted mining to help the people have a job. The governors office did not explain why the soil was so unstable at the time of the slide, after millennia of stability.THE PHILIPPINES: LANDSLIDES AND FLOODS Appeal No.

2006 Southern Leyte mudslide

MDRPH • Federation country delegation in Philippines: Carl Naucler (Federation representative); On 17 February weeks of monsoon rain prompted a massive landslide that buried the barangay (village) of.

REACTION PAPER “TAKLUB” BY: Brillante Mendoza’s sparse trees. which changed the city of Tacloban in the Philippines into its horrendous state.

SONA 2017: President Rodrigo Duterte’s Report Of Changes

Daisy and her brothers move back into their shoreside shack. from a landslide caused by the recent storm families that were rendered homeless. former national treasurer Leonor Magtolis. Scientists are currently building a synthesis paper on the landslide and a set of recommendations regarding the next steps for the Philippines in relation to landslide hazards.

There was also a minor earthquake in the area measuring which would have contributed to the landslide. A major landslide occurred in the Philippines this morning - at least 25 killed, reported missing.

A major landslide occurred in the Philippines this morning - at least 25 killed, reported missing.

2006 Southern Leyte mudslide

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Landslides kill 20 in Philippine provinces weakened by typhoon Usagi

reaction paper in framework agreement on bangsamoro al-najib r. SALIH LLB-1A On 7 October the Government of the Philippines and the leadership of the Moro Islamic. Sep 20,  · MANILA — A landslide struck a village in the central Philippines on Thursday, burying up to 25 homes and killing at least 12 people.

Reaction paper landslide in philippines
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