Suicide over life in a summer tragedy by arna bontemp

A fellow loses his hand for such vanities after thirty or forty years of simple life. They climb in their car and begin their long road trip together. Jeff in the story does not actually enjoy what he is doing, in fact, he is afraid of what he is attempting to do.

Sad yet well-told short story that has left strong images in my mind. Bontemps was African-American, the son of a brick mason and a schoolteacher, educated in California and New York. Jeff and Jennie both knew what they wanted to do in their final hours. They had nothing else to accomplish and nothing else to live for, but they still loved each other and wanted their final days, their final moments even, spent together.

There is a valid argument for the fact that losing the love between them through death would be more pain and suffering than they currently endure, and thus would not be utilitarian.

Bontemps first published his poems in Crisis inand also later in Opportunity, both literary magazines that supported the work of young African American writers. He lived his professional years in the south as a teacher, writer, and later, as the librarian at Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jeff and Jennie both knew what they wanted to do in their final hours. Jennie is also in a very frail state as well, as she is blind, and in a constant state of suffering and anxiety.

Jeannie is blind and sickly. Her body, as scrawny and gnarled as a string bean, seemed less than nothing in the ocean of frayed and faded petticoats that surrounded her.

A black couple feeling that they don't have any reason to live. Both are sound of mind, but their life has been reduced to a series of losses, including the deaths of five adult children in the last two years. During this paper and presentation, we will also be giving a Kantian analysis on the main conflict and struggle that takes place within the story: They dress for the occasion in moth-eaten clothes reserved only for grand events.

Jeff has been working on the same farm for forty-five years, this work has slowly worn him down and degraded his health, it has also kept him and his wife in poverty.

“A Summer Tragedy”: A Geriatric Case Study

While hopelessness is the overriding theme of this story, the secondary theme is definitely love, and the love that Jeff and Jennie share between each other.

The pain mentioned by Jeff when talking about his stroke is made very clear when he is talking to his wife about how at the very least, the next stroke could kill him.

Crying like a child, she questions whether they should continue.

What is the irony of A Summer Tragedy by Arna Bontemps?

Virginiathe story of an aborted slave rebellion led by Gabriel Prosser. Jeff is also struggling mightily with their decision, and would prefer to turn around, but after a little bit they both regain their composure and move along with their decision.

We can die anytime. Kant was a very religious man and his ethics and morals were predominately based on Christian theology of the 18th century, so killing oneself would go against the thinking of Christian views on death.

In and Bontemps win three prizes for his poetry from these publications. While the fully imagined final image is both violent and frightening, it is skillfully delivered as one of reconciliation and acceptance as the two of them sit side-by-side as their car approaches the water.The story, ‘A Summer of Tragedy’ was written in by Arna Bontemps.

It was written at a time of great economic depression and color segregation in America.

A Summer Tragedy Analysis

It is set in New Orleans a place that is very fertile and near the river Mississippi. It tells the story of an old couple who are on the verge of despair.

Summer Tragedy Arna Bontemps. Tragedy is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete and of a certain magnitude." (Aristotle). Examine the statement critically and substantiate your answer with the examples from any two of the plays you have read." ‘The Poetics The Poetics is chiefly concerned with Tragedy which is regarded as the highest poetic form.

I only read the main story, A Summer Tragedy and it is available in pdf form by clicking this link. My brother Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly (notice those adverbs attached to our names - his idea) first read and raved about this story in his review.

So, he practically shoved the photocopy of this story to me and told me to read it right away/5. Writer Arna Bontemps never gained notoriety during the Harlem Renaissance but his work as a curator of black literature and culture makes him notable.

"A Summer Tragedy." He also began publishing children's books. The first, Popo and Fifina: Children of Haiti, was written with Langston Hughes.

Life After the Harlem Renaissance. In.

A Summer Tragedy Summary

A Summer Tragedy Homework Help Questions. Identify the dominant theme in A Summer Tragedy by Arna Bontemps. The dominant theme of the story is one of suffering. Suicide in teens are at an all time high. 1 in 5 teens have thought about suicide, 1 in 6 teens have made plans to commit suicide, 1 in 12 have attempted suicide, and 8 out of 10 have committed suicide (National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center).

Suicide over life in a summer tragedy by arna bontemp
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