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It is already alive as is the clock, with its ticking like a heartbeatalready present, but it has no form yet. We have all heard the story of the fox who cheated a crow of a piece of cheese which the crow held in its beak.

This fox, this hybrid thought-fox, is subjected to the quiet will of the poet who slowly but surely draws the fox out of the imagination and onto the page in an almost magical fashion. The poet, sitting alone at his desk, attempts to write, but has no luck with it. Now I came a bit later. Everything in the world inside his head is still dark due to the lack of stars.

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The order form appears which the student fills Form is Filled: This is a wonderful image. And so he pins the fox upon the page with the cruel purity of artistic form and locates its lair inside his own head.

This is the poem as the mind and finger construct it out of imaginary material, the personified fox transformed into words that seem to form of their own accord. There is no set metre in US meter but through careful use of punctuation and enjambment where one line runs into another without losing the sense the rhythms of the fox as it moves onto the page come through.

We know that we are not dealing with a literal forest, but with an imagined one. The two eyes of the fox seem to be moving forward. On the one hand there is in his work an extraordinary sensuous and sensual generosity which coexists with a sense of abundance and a capacity for expressing tenderness which are unusual in contemporary poetry.

The poem contains an abstract idea which the poet has tried to concretize. Indeed it might be suggested that much of the poetic and emotional charge of this later work comes directly from an intensification of this conflict and an increasingly explicit polarisation of its terms. What is remarkable about this poem, apart from its symbolic statement of the process of poetic composition, is its imagery.

And I made it. A poet waits for the onrush of an idea through his brain.

The poet, the speaker, is all alone near the window with just the clock ticking. In reality perhaps neither of these views is wholly appropriate, and the truth comes somewhere between the two.

One is never sure where it comes from. The poem begins by evoking, from the still and tiny perspective of the hibernating mouse, a vast intimacy with the tightening body of the earth.

It is a poem about writing poetry. Then a lame, cautious body in the form of an eye comes brilliantly and concentratedly toward the room.‘The Thought-Fox’ is one of the most famous poems by Ted Hughes ().

It is also one of the most celebrated poetic accounts of the act of writing poetry, or rather, more accurately, trying to write poetry and the arrival of inspiration.

In The Thought Fox, Ted Hughes likens the process of writing of a poem to the approach of a fox, which slips into his head as a real fox would slip. Analysis of Poem "The Thought Fox" by Ted Hughes.

Updated on February 18, Andrew Spacey. Ted Hughes and The Thought Fox.

Essay: Ted Hughes, ‘ The Thought-Fox’

The Thought-Fox is an animal poem with a difference. Ted Hughes 'captured' his fox at the same time as he completed the poem. The fox manifests within the poem, the fox is the poem and both are a.

Published in Ted Hughes’s first collection, ‘The Thought Fox’ is a poem as much about poetic inspiration as it is a vivid impression of the animal. Here, Professor Neil Roberts explores the poem’s use of allusion, imagery and rhyme.

The thought fox By Ted Hughes The thought fox is a poem about writing a poem.

Thought fox ted hughes analysis essay

The poet is sitting in a room late at night, it's dark outside and though he can't see anything he senses a presence.

- Ted Hughes’ Ideas about Poetry Ted Hughes, was born in and died inhe wrote two poems, The Jaguar and The Thought-Fox.

These are the poems that I am discussing in my essay and also what his ideas are on the poems.

Ted hughes thought fox essay
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