The north sea

Various annexes and appendices to the agreement were implemented in subsequent years, and environmental monitoring has indicated a decline in certain pollutant levels in some areas of the North Sea.

The area is very famous for fishing. Various statistical data[ change change source ] On average, the North Sea has a depth of only 94 meters.

Queen Juliana and Princess Beatrix visited the flooded area only a few days after. Marine mammals in the North Sea include common seals, harbor porpoises, bearded seals, harp seals, hooded seals, ringed seals, walrus, dolphin and various whale species.

After the flooding, the government made major investments in new sea defences. He realised the elderly were the most vulnerable as the Roman bank was breached and he dragged and carried many to safety. Carbon dioxide sequestration[ edit ] In the North SeaNorway's Equinor natural-gas platform Sleipner strips carbon dioxide out of the natural gas with amine solvents and disposes of this carbon dioxide by geological sequestration " Carbon sequestration " while keeping up gas production pressure.

Interesting facts about the North Sea

Off shore production, like that of the North Sea, became more economical after the oil crisis caused the world oil price to quadruple, followed by the oil crisiscausing another tripling in the oil price.

The total damage is estimated at 1 billion Dutch guilders. They were delayed in southern Norway while Olaf's return was rebuffed, but became even more unpopular than he had been.

The UK government has traditionally issued licences via periodic now annual licensing rounds. Like in Britain, there are numerous part blocks formed by re-licensing relinquished areas.

North Sea - Map & Details

Oil is brought ashore in pipelines to terminals in the Shetland and Orkney islands, the northeastern coast of the Scottish mainland, and northern England. The North Sea is historically an important European shipping lane and major fishery, and today is a popular tourism and recreation destination for its bordering countries.

North Sea Oil Renaissance Could Flop

Natural gas is becoming an increasingly important source of energy for western Europe, and several major pipelines have been constructed to transport the gas. In the British launched the four-year Challenger Expeditionwhich inaugurated a new era in descriptive oceanography.

In addition to Sweden, of which he or the person who wrote the heading to his letter claimed he was king, Cnut received tribute from the Wends and was allied with the Poles; intogether with Godwin and Ulf Jarl, he took a fleet east into the Baltic to confirm his overlordship of the coastal areas that the Danish kings dominated from the Jomsborg.

The mayor's plan was successful, as the ship was lodged firmly into the dyke, reinforcing it against failure and saving many lives. Blocks are awarded on the basis of the work programme bid by the participants.The North Sea is deepest (c.2, ft/ m) along the coast of Norway and contains several shallows, the largest of which is the Dogger Bank, midway between England and Denmark.

The herring fisheries of the North Sea are economically important, but the cod and haddock stocks have declined significantly. A decision has been taken to initiate the process of marketing all our UK Central North Sea assets” These include Alba, Alder, Britannia (and satellites), Captain, Elgin/Franklin, Erskine, and Jade fields.

Raiders of the North Sea is set in the central years of the Viking Age. As Viking warriors, players seek to impress the Chieftain by raiding unsuspecting settlements.

North Sea oil: Facts and figures

Players will need to assemble a crew, collect provisions and journey north to plunder gold, iron and livestock. Reports of new species in the North Sea usually relate to animals or algae that were newly introduced by human activities.

The discovery of a new amphipod species is proof that there are still.

New species in the North Sea

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The north sea
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