The significance of macaulay s minute on indian education

They will argue, and again I agree, that there are big differences between the three fields I have described. Surely we might with advantage have saved the cost of making these persons useless and miserable.

Should the Dallas Cowboys be able to stop the release of Debbie Does Dallas, a cheesy porno flick, in which the title character brings great dishonor to a uniform similar to that worn by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders? Suppose that the Pacha of Egypt, a country once superior in knowledge to the nations of Europe, but now sunk far below them, were to appropriate a sum for the purpose "of reviving and promoting literature, and encouraging learned natives of Egypt," would any body infer that he meant the youth of his Pachalik to give years to the study of hieroglyphics, to search into all the doctrines disguised under the fable of Osiris, and to ascertain with all possible accuracy the ritual with which cats and onions were anciently adored?

Chaucer is pleased with the absurdity of making a cock act like a man. But never will I attempt to avert or to retard it. Chaucer caught sight of the eagle; his tale is not always 'of a cock'. Therefore Shakespeare, great and human as he was, sees in Richard only the insulted king; and seems to think almost as little about the subjects of Richard as about the subjects of Lear.

The funds which would thus be placed at our disposal would enable us to give larger encouragement to the Hindoo College at Calcutta, and establish in the principal cities throughout the Presidencies of Fort William and Agra schools in which the English language might be well and thoroughly taught.

But, he waited for some time before coming to any conclusion. But this is not the truth. The interpretation is full of that curious rich native humour, which is at once riotous and secretive. Amidst a brilliant group of research assistants, Jordi Weinstock and David Silverstein stood out.

We have to educate a people who cannot at present be educated by means of their mother-tongue. The variety of subjects upon which they wrote prove that almost every science was cultivated among them. But Chaucer would want to praise him; he always confesses a literary pleasure which may well conceal his literary power.

We are not without experience to guide us. But most men were Reformers without being Lollards.

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But the government misused the concession and English continued to be the sole medium of instruction till quite recently. Ivory soap will always mean Ivory soap and Coke will mean Coke, at least until the owners of those marks decide to change the nature of their products.

But with all this Chaucer had less to do, being a Londoner and, on his more popular side, a son of the Guilds and not the peasantry. But I quote it because it exactly embodies the nineteenth-century notion of which I speak.

All scientific, philosophical, historical works were henceforth written in Sanskrit, and important texts existing in other languages were translated and adapted into Sanskrit. The upper and lower fillings are preferably comprised of peanut butter and the center filling is comprised of at least jelly.

The whole question seems to me to be-- which language is the best worth knowing? What we spend on the Arabic and Sanscrit Colleges is not merely a dead loss to the cause of truth.

I think there are other things that can be high as well as high seriousness. It is not easy to understand by what process of reasoning they can have arrived at this conclusion.

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Some encouragement was also given to the production of books in English. Sometimes he is patted on the head like a child, because all our other poets are his children.The spread of Western educational practices to Asian countries India Education under the East India Company.

Originally the British went to India as tradesmen, but gradually they became the rulers of the country. On Dec. 31,the East India Company was established, and, like all commercial bodies, its main objective was trade.

Gradually during the 18th century the pendulum swung from. Minute by the Hon'ble T. B. Macaulay, dated the 2nd February There is not a single word in any public instrument from which it can be inferred that the Indian Government ever intended to give any pledge on this subject, or ever considered the destination of these funds as unalterably fixed.

They represent their education as. What was the Contribution of Lord Macaulay to Indian Educational System? Article shared by Lord Macaulay ‘s Minutes ended the controversy going about the education system in India, for about 20 years.

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The significance of macaulay s minute on indian education
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